Makers among Louisville’s movers & shakers!

Moversshakers 2

Louisville mini Maker Faire will be among the many of Louisville’s movers & shakers at these two events coming up. Hope to see you there!!

August 28Leadership Louisville Mayoral Luncheon, featuring Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore.  The city’s Digital Harbor Foundation works to get youth connected to technology, innovation and making.  Register here!

September 3 – Venture Connectors will host a panel of local “makers” at its Sept. 3 luncheon meeting. Panelists Natarajan Venkatakrishnan (Venkat) of  maker fair sponsor GE’s FirstBuild and participating maker Brad Luyster of LVL1 join LmMF organizer and founder Campbell Boyer is discussing what the local “Maker Economy” looks like, as well as how the movement is positively impacting the city, its business climate and the lifestyles of its citizens. Sign up today!


GE’s FirstBuild signs on as Master Maker (title) Sponsor!

1B_Master Logo_OrangeGray

GE’s FirstBuild has signed on as title sponsor of the 2nd annual Louisville Mini Maker Faire!

“We believe that the Louisville Mini Maker Faire event has great potential to become the must- attend Maker Faire of the Midwest, and are excited to help achieve that goal,” said Natarajan Venkatakrishnan (“Venkat”) of GE’s FirstBuild.

FirstBuild is a “micro-factory,” GE’s version of a hacker space where students, techies and GE engineers collaborate on innovations related to the appliance industry. Since 2013, GE has been growing increasingly close to the tech and startup community in Louisville, looking for new ways to tackle production problems that big corporations find hard to solve.

Campbell Boyer, Louisville Mini Maker Faire organizer said, “We’re ecstatic to be associated with GE’s FirstBuild. It’s focus, mission and dedication to the local maker community is second to none. Having public support means a lot to the community and to the makers of our city.”

The Maker Faire will be held in conjunction with the 6th Annual Nulu Festival and kick off week of IdeaFestival®. The date of the event is Saturday, September 27, 2014 in the 800 & 900 blocks of East Market Street (between Shelby and Wenzel Streets). Last year’s Louisville’s Mini Maker Faire drew an estimated crowd of between 12,000 – 17,000, with over 85 makers participating.

The Louisville Mini Maker Faire is free and appropriate for all ages, but participation in some activities will require safety waivers, available at the event.

Louisville Mini Maker Faire is accepting applications for maker participation through August 31, 2014. Makers, apply here!


LEGOs® + MakerBots + Community = FirstBuild

1BI noticed the signs first.

“Community Welcome.”
“Collaborate. Contribute. Belong.”
“Think It. Make It.”

When’s the last time a big corporation asked you “How would you make our products better?” and then invited you into a beautiful, creativity-inspiring, cool-tool-filled place where you could do more than just offer suggestions but actually Make?

FirstBuild kicked off in a big way on Thursday, July 24, with a picture-perfect grand opening. GE, University of Louisville, and Metro Louisville officials shared the podium with our homegrown LVL1 Hackerspace and talked about the journey.

Like the products and innovations it’s intended to inspire, FirstBuild was born of a good idea – “How does a company shift to a market- and community-driven innovation strategy?” And the mindset seems one of  “We’ll innovate as we go.” As GE’s Kevin Nolan says,  “There’s no playbook for this.”


What I loved most was seeing a pile of LEGOs® on a table next to a CNC machine.


The message? Makers can use all kinds of tools to turn inspiration into reality.

 I’m pretty proud to be a Maker in Louisville today.

Coding Classes for Kids – Just Across the Bridge


Makers think geographic boundaries are to be crossed.  Especially when there are interesting things to be learned on the other side.

If you have young people in your life between ages 8 and 13, and want them to get a taste of coding, then you’ll want to check out the kids’ coding classes at Velocity, a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurship in Jeffersonville, IN (literally 5 minutes from downtown Louisville).  Learn more on their website – 

Classes are offered each night of the week – the next session runs July 21 to August 14.

Hats off to Velocity for feeding our regional Maker pipeline – we expect to see some of these sharp young minds sharing their talent with the crowd at our September 27 th Mini Maker Faire!

Makers Unite – Apply now to come get your make on!

Call-to-MakersMakers of ALL stripes are invited to be a part of this year’s Louisville mini Maker Faire. The 2nd annual Louisville Mini Maker Faire is Saturday, September 27, 2014.
Promotion is well under way and many are stepping up to sponsor, volunteer and more. Louisville is for making. Come get your make on!

Makers from science, technology and engineering; arts and crafts; food, beverages and greentech; and many other disciplines are encouraged to join us! Exhibits include a display of skills and creations in 3D printing, robotics, drones, engineering, and artistry.

Apply here.  The Call for Makers is open through August 31, 2014.


MAKE some noise!

Please join us in a HUGE thanks to our most recent sponsors stepping up to MAKE it all happen this September.LCS Logo cmykLouisville Collegiate School is no stranger to the Louisville mini Maker Faire,  having hosted us for events on campus this spring. Look for them at the fair on September 27!  Thanks again for your support.

We’ve also secured a generous contribution from an anonymous donor and BIG fan of makers all around. Thank you for your passionate commitment to keeping Louisville a city for makers!

Help us MAKE it happen in an even bigger way this year. Support Louisville mini Maker Faire! Sponsorship opportunities here. 

Louisville is for Makers

LouisvilleMadeLouisville is a place that makes things – appliances and their parts, cars and trucks.  GE, Nth Works, and Ford – you represent us well!

There are also crafters of bourbon barrel furniture.  Children who leave behind hand-drawn pictures tied with yarn and a feather at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  The creators of the “Louisville Made” image at the top of this page.

And now there’s First Build – where a big company asks garage tinkerers for new ideas.  I mean – could you have even imagined this a decade ago?

Yes, Louisville is a city of Makers.  And a good thing too.  This is a city where visitors don’t have to look hard to see a unique soul.  It’s a place that draws you in with its inventiveness – and encourages you to try your hand at it as well.

Maybe the best place to witness this welcoming spirit is in September, when Makers of all stripes converge on NuLu to share, party, and make stuff.

Join us  September 27, 2014.




Permission to Make!

Mythbusters and maker extraordinaire Adam Savage gives you permission to Make!

Quotes to chew on

With all the buzz about the maker movement, its hard not to pay attention. All buzz aside, there are real, tangible benefits to exploring, tinkering, creating, inventing, and making.  Here are few thoughts that inform and inspire. Enjoy!

“A tinkering disposition is something that tells you that the world is knowable; you can find out something about the world by yourself and you don’t have to be an expert in any one discipline to start.” Luigi Anzivino, Tinkering Studio at Exploratorium museum.

“…building rockets in the backyard, tinkering, playing with things. That created the interest and motivation to pursue science.” Dale Dougherty, editor of Make Magazine and founder of Maker Faire

“We as educators try to make our lectures engaging, but when we allow people to make something, it’s completely transformative. You don’t have to fight for kids’ attention when making.” Kylie Peppler, an assistant professor of learning sciences at IU, Bloomington, and the head of the Make to Learn Initiative

“Tinkering is the way that real science happens, in all its messy glory,” says Sylvia Martinez, co-author of the new book Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.

“If you don’t get a chance to fail, if you don’t get a chance to try things and not get them right the first time, and you keep on doing it until you do get that specific kind of success, then you become so risk-averse that you in fact get an allergy to trying new things. “ Adam Savage, Mythbusters


Fight boredom. MAKE something!


The maker movement is catching on across the country. From maker faires to innovation programs, education enhancements and DIY forums – there’s a whole lot of making going on!

Here’s a piece from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that show the momentum in the movement. Enjoy!